European Doberman Dogs Serbia_12

In the realm of Doberman breeding, Serbia has emerged as a powerhouse for producing top-quality European Dobermans. Renowned for their dedication to excellence, Serbian breeders like Altobello and Angel of Shaytan Dobermann Kennels have been carefully selecting impeccable bloodlines known for their outstanding conformation, stable temperament, and impressive working abilities.

Over the years, Serbian-bred Dobermans from these reputable kennels have achieved numerous accolades and awards, earning global recognition for their exceptional qualities and performances. Their success in various competitions and events stands as a testament to the superior breeding practices and commitment to excellence upheld by Serbian Doberman breeders.

At “European Doberman” in Florida and “Angel of Shaytan” Kennel in Serbia, we share a special family bond and commitment to showcasing the very best in Doberman excellence. Together, as sister companies, we bring you the finest European Dobermans to the United States, carefully selected and imported from the reputable Serbian breeders.

Nestled amid the scenic landscapes of Serbia, our passionate breeders from Altobello and Angel of Shaytan Dobermann Kennels have honed their craft, ensuring that each litter of puppies born in our reputable kennels exemplifies the true essence of the Doberman breed – intelligent, loyal, and courageous.

Our Serbian-bred Dobermans have captured the hearts of Doberman enthusiasts worldwide. Families, professionals, and dog lovers alike seek out these exceptional dogs, drawn to their remarkable lineage and unmatched qualities.

As the legacy of excellence continues, Serbia remains the go-to destination for those seeking the finest European Dobermans. Each generation upholds the breed’s exceptional standards, contributing to the ever-growing reputation of Serbian Dobermans in the world of dog breeding.

Experience the loyalty, intelligence, and courage that define these remarkable dogs, and embrace the joy of welcoming a true “European Doberman” from Altobello and Angel of Shaytan Dobermann Kennels into your life. Join us as we proudly introduce the legacy of Serbian Doberman breeders and present a new chapter in the world of Doberman breeding – uniting two continents to bring the best quality Dobermans to the United States.”